Some Growing Options For Rudimentary Interview Tactics



It’s like hot lava when it comes out of the microwave. It’s probably not good for me … but man, I love that stuff.” He confessed to donning a hoodie to sneak into the fast-food chain, but according to him, “I always get caught.” Closed Captioning Anthony Bourdain reveals his go-to fast food restaurant: ‘It’s a guilty pleasure’ Play Video – 1:20 5. He French-fried his way to fame “I wrote a column,” he recalled.“My mom actually said, ‘You should send it to the New Yorker.’ And I mean, the next day I got a call saying, ‘We’ll give you 50 grand to write a book’. I’m no dummy. I’m dunkin’ French fries at age 44. I’ll write a damn book.” That book was “Kitchen Confidential,” which pulled back the curtain on the restaurant industry and detailed Bourdain’s personal struggles with drug addiction. To date, more than one million copies have been sold. RELATED: Watch the hilarious trailer for Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s cooking show 6.

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