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Hughes was dragged into the limelight of constant gossip tabloids. She was called by one media outlet the medias favorite punching bag until Dan Quayle came along. Walters discusses the historical repercussions of the scandal on the program. I havent seen the entire show yet, but the producers tell me its a great hour of journalism, the way investigative reporting should be, Hughes said. For those of you who are history buffs, you might appreciate the historical significance of this show which chronicles the year the mainstream media went tabloid. Hughes has become president and CEO of Enough Is Enough, a non-profit organization that advocates for Internet safety for children and families. She said the interview will include some key EIE victories since 1994. EIEs mission statement says its dedicated to raising public awareness about the dangers of internet pornography and sexual predators, cyberbullying and other dangers and to advancing solutions that promote equality, fairness, and respect for human dignity with shared responsibility between the public, technology, and the law. Hughes returned to the national spotlight during the recent presidential campaign. She praised President-elect Donald Trump for signing a proposal to make the internet safer for children, including preventing the sexual exploitation of children online. On its website, EIE says it looks forward to working with the Trump administration on implanting the Pledge goals and with first lady Melania Trump in her efforts to end the epidemic of cyberbullying.

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refugee trains students to become doctors jpm orig_00013810 Nearly all of the 15 students are refugees. Six of them are from Somalia, another from the Ivory Coast. A handful are immigrants from places as diverse as Vietnam and Nepal. Three, like Kelli, are from the Middle East. Just like the kids who sit in front of him, Kelli, now 33, was a student at Clarkston High, a well-known destination for refugees. That was 15 years ago. Now he’s returned as a doctor, determined to give back. The journey Kelli remembers his boyhood, when the Syrian government threw his father in jail for months. “My father is a Kurd and as a civil lawyer at the time he was a prominent person in the community,” the physician said. “The Kurds are an oppressed minority in Syria; an ethnic group without a interview skills nursing country.

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